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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

8/1 4pm The Sixgill presents the "Imperial India Pale Ale Invitational"

In Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, lies The Sixgill, and the new location for the annual "Imperial India Pale Ale Invitational". Previously hosted in the Ballard neighborhood, at The Noble Fir, the 'Invitational is an opportunity to choose from several Imperial/Double India Pale Ales, in one location.

BJCP definition of Imperial / Double India Pale Ale

A recent American innovation reflecting the trend of American craft brewers “pushing the envelope” to satisfy the need of hop aficionados for increasingly intense products. The adjective “Imperial” is arbitrary and simply implies a stronger version of an IPA; “double,” “extra,” “extreme,” or any other variety of adjectives would be equally valid.

Currently, the following beers will be available on draft, during the event.

  • 21st Amendment Hop Crisis Imperial IPA
  • Avery Anniversary Ale Imperial India Brown
  • Bear Republic Mach 10 Imperial IPA
  • Black Market Liberation Imperial IPA
  • Boundary Bay Imperial IPA
  • Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail Imperial IPA
  • Georgetown Lovely Reida Imperial IPA
  • Great Divide Showdown Rye Imperial IPA
  • Green Flash Le Freak Belgian Imperial IPA
  • Hopworks Ace of Spades Imperial IPA
  • Laurelwood Megafauna Imperial IPA
  • Oakshire Glen’s Hop Vice Triple IPA
  • Pelican Imperial IPA
  • Port Anniversary Imperial IPA
  • Reuben’s Blimey That’s Bitter!
  • Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Imperial IPA
  • Snipes Mountain Vaquero Imperial IPA
  • Stone RuinTen Imperial IPA

The Sixgill is located at 3417 Evanston Avenue North, near Seattle's Fremont Bridge & Fremont Troll.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beer Release: NW: Coming Soon … Diamond Knot Fog Bank Fall Ale. A suitable replacement for Vienna Lager


August 13, 1947 was one such unforgiving day. Fog embraced the Strait of Juan de Fuca when the MV Diamond Knot, loaded with 75 percent of Alaska’s seasonal salmon catch and 100,000 gallons of fish oil, motored on toward Seattle. The fog got the best of the rudimentary navigation tools, and early that morning the Fenn Victory collided with the Diamond Knot, damaging the Diamond Knot enough to cause its sinking just off Port Angeles in 135 feet of water.

What could have been a complete disaster turned into a success as Firemen’s Fund and scores of salvage divers recovered more than 5,000,000 cans of salmon and the fish oil.

This August (2014) Diamond Knot Brewing releases their 20th Anniversary beer – Fog Bank Fall Ale.

One part Anniversary and one part memorial beer, but overall sentimental - Fog Bank Fall Ale celebrates that fateful day and the inspiration for the brewery’s namesake.

image courtesy Diamond Knot Brewing

For its owners, this year is special – as it marks another brewery breaking the 20 year barrier.

“Back 20 years ago, there were a few people who didn’t believe we could pull off an IPA, let alone an entire brewery,” said Bob Maphet, Diamond Knot founder and president. “Like Firemen’s Fund’s salvage effort, we defied the odds with three breweries, more than 130 employees and several dozen beer styles.”

Just like the 1947 salvage operation, Fog Bank Fall Ale will be released the 1st week in August, before concluding the last week in October.

Here is what the brewery had to say about their latest Fall seasonal.

… the reddish amber color will easily reflect the change in foliage and the bursting of maple reds. Just as crisp as those autumn mornings, the Fog Bank Fall Ale has a bright, crisp flavor with a full malty finish. With a mild 5.8% ABV, this seasonal is sessionable and the perfect transition from DK’s summer Blonde Ale to its darker winter brews.

About Diamond Knot Brewing

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing is known for supporting local businesses and organizations. With a foundation as a small, craft brewery, the company’s mission is to provide exceptional craft beer, food and lively experiences. Started in 1994, the Washington-state company currently operates a the flagship Brewery & Alehouse and 10,000-square-foot Production Brewery & Taproom in Mukilteo and the new Brewpub @ MLT in Mountlake Terrace. For more company information, visit diamondknot.com.

Beer Release: NW: Coming Soon … Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest. The first bottled edition ever.


“Oaktoberfest is a real quaffer… It’s mellow and rounded with this gorgeous autumn orange hue—it’s the kind of beer you should be drinking out of a liter mug.” –Firestone Walker’s head brewery Matt Brynildson

Nicknamed the “Paso Märzen Bier.”, Firestone Walker announces the re-release of Oaktoberfest.

Deviating from previous years, the brewery is set to release packaged editions of this beer, throughout the Northwest. Unfortunately / fortunately for those who’ve already enjoyed a pint of this, from a nearby bar, the beer has acquired a drier and hoppier character. This is done to balance out the sweeter malt character of the style.

Always the craft beer ambassador, Matt had this to say about Oaktoberfest.

“Oaktoberfest has always provided us an opportunity to play around with new German hop cultivars,” Brynildson said. “We’re now focusing on Hallertau Tradition, and we contracted directly with several German farmers to make sure we had enough to last. When visiting some of my favorite German lager breweries, I’ve seen a ton of Hallertau Tradition in their closets, and it proved to be a natural fit for Oaktoberfest.”

“Nevertheless, this is not a hop-driven beer. It’s very traditional in style, incorporating equal amounts of Vienna malt and Pilsner malt, both from Germany. It all comes together to create this classic Märzen profile, with subtle honey-like aromas and hints of noble hop spice.”

The name Oaktoberfest is a nod to the brewery’s hometown of Paso Robles—Spanish for “Pass of The Oaks”—as well as the longtime presence of oak barrels as a central part of the Firestone Walker brewing operation. The checkered blue and white pattern on the label echoes the Bavarian flag and pays homage to the style.

If one is fortunate to visit Paso Robles, this October 11th, then you’re encouraged to attend the Madonna INN Oktoberfest, presented by Firestone Walker Brewing Company. As has been their custom, oak barrels are filled with Oaktoberfest, to be tapped at the festival.

“Tapping the barrels of Oaktoberfest has been an annual rite here for nearly a decade,” Brynildson said. “It’s a journey that has finally found its way into the bottle.”

Look for bottles and six-packs of Oaktoberfest, starting August 1st (2014).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Brewery News: OR: Gluten-free Harvester Brewing involved in Trademark dispute with Hope Wines. Help them rename the brewery.


By definition a trademark is:

a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.

While the United States Patent and Trademark Office declares trademark to be:

… a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.  A service mark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than goods. The term “trademark” is often used to refer to both trademarks and service marks.

Oregon - Brewed in Portland, Harvester Brewing is one a handful of breweries in the area, that brew beer for gluten-intolerant people.

Unfortunately, they are also one of a handful of breweries who have been involved in trademark litigation.

Earlier this month the brewery was served a termination request, to cease the use of the Harvest name. The instigating litigant was Hope Family Wines of Paso Robles.

Harvester Brewing


Harvester has attempted to work with Hope Family Wines. But so far they have been unsuccessful in their attempt to maintain recognition of the Gluten-free beers.

Hope Family Wines finds the use of “Harvester” in any form “unacceptable” so ideas like New Harvester Brewing or G.F.Harvester Brewing will not be permitted by Hope Family Wines. We would like it if the new name worked well with our love of farming, farmers, and tractors so we can continue using our tractor logo but we will consider non-tractor related ideas too.

As of this story, Harvester is now asking customers and gluten-free beer supporters, to assist rename the brewery.

Rather than spend time, money, and energy focused on a lengthy legal battle we have decided to ask our fans to help us choose a new name.

They ask that you submit your suggestions via contact@harvesterbrewing.com.

About Harvester Brewing

Our brewery consists of a new 7 BBL brewhouse built in Portland, OR by Metalcraft Fabrication. It was delivered in the Fall of 2011 during the construction of our brewery and we brewed our first batch in November 2011. In addition to the brewhouse we have two 7 BBL fermenters and four 7 BBL brite tanks.

We bottle all of our beer on site with a 6-head bottling machine built by Meheen Manufacturing of Pasco, WA.

We roast all of the chestnuts used in our beer on site in a gas-fired nut roaster from Jordan.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beer Release: OR: Get It Now ... The Commons Biere Royale

Situated in Southeast Portland, the Commons Brewery has brewed award winning ales since 2011. Primarily focused on "... approachable and balanced European-inspired beers", Commons has numerous awards.

This past Monday, at the Belmont Station (located at 4500 SE Stark Street), Commons released their newest ale - Biere Royale.

image sourced from The Beer Street Journal
image sourced from The Beer Street Journal

Biere Royale, modeled after the french cocktail Kir Royale, is a sour ale with black currants. First brewed as a popular draft-only beer for the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, the bottled version has a bright acidity from a house-grown Lactobacillus culture originally harvested from yogurt. Black Currants are added during primary fermentation to add additional acidity, fruitiness and a deep purple hue to the final product. The process was catalogued very well by our friend Sanjay at http://www.notsoprofessionalbeer.com/2013/09/brewing-with-yogurt.html.

Biere Royale

Sour Ale with Black Currants
ABV: 5.5%

Malts: Pilsner / Malted Spelt / Flaked Wheat/ Acidulated Malt

Hops: Saaz
Microorganisms: Sacchromyces, Lactobaccilus

Give Belmont Station a call, to see if they still have this unique beer on draft, else visit the brewery starting Thursday. Starting July 17th, The Commons Biere Royale will be available at the brewery, in 750ml (capped) bottles. Furthermore, there will be limited distribution to grocers and bottles shops, through mid-August.

In addition to Biere Royale, Belmont Station will have several other special draft beers for the occasion: Citrus Royale, the citrus companion to Biere Royale, Trillium, a limited blended, barrel aged sour farmhouse ale and Ortucky Common, a dark rye sour ale brewed specifically for the 2013 Puckerfest.

More on The Commons Brewery

Opened in December 2011, The Commons Brewery crafts approachable and balanced European-inspired beers. The tasting room is located at: 1810 SE 10th Avenue, Unit E (entrance on SE Stephens between 10th & 11th). Tasting room hours are Thursday 5-9pm, Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 2-9pm, and Sunday 2-6pm.

More on Belmont Station

Since its founding in 1997, Belmont Station has become Portland’s premier beer destination. The bottleshop features that have been thoughtfully selected, meticulously rotated, and properly stored under UV-filtered light to maintain the freshest selection of beer in the region. The adjacent features 20+ rotating taps and a cask “beer engine” pouring world-class brew on the cleanest draft system in Portland.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Event Planner: WA: Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across America visits Seattle, Mill Creek, Yakima, & Richland


image courtesy Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
image courtesy Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

A shout-out  to fans of Firestone Walker, Allagash, New Glarus, Russian River, Vitctory, 3 Floyds, Cigar City, Oskar Blues, Ballast Point, Ashville Brewers Alliance, Bells's, or Ninkasi - because they're coming to Washington state.

With one tap take over completed, at Super Deli Mart, the "Beer Camp Across America" continues it's trip across Washington, with stops at The Yard, Brouwer's Cafe, Bill Place, Elliott Bay Pizza, Chuck's 85th, and McKay's. All you have to do is show up to one of the, previously reported, businesses. 

Beer Camp Across America is a tribute to the art, and sometimes absurd ambition, of American craft beer. This unprecedented variety pack is a celebration of our collective spirit: 12 different collaboration beers brewed alongside 12 exceptional brewers, together showcasing the sense of pride and passion shared by craft brewers nationwide. Beyond the pack, we’re embarking on a seven-city traveling beer festival. Join the tour and help make this the largest craft beer celebration in history!

Tomorrow, July 17th, Seattle's The Yard (located at 8313 Greenwood Avenue North) is the next bar to host all 12 beers from 12 different breweries). 

After The Yard, you'll have to visit one of the following locations, at the prescribed date. The locations, starting July 30th, are:

7/30     Brouwer's Cafe,  400 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103
8/01     Bill’s Place, 206 S 3rd Ave, Yakima, WA 98902
8/07     Elliot Bay Pizza, 800 164th St SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012
8/14     Chuck's 85th, 656 NW 85th St, Seattle, WA 98117
TBD    Mckay’s Taphouse, 1312 Lee Blvd. Richland, WA 99352

For specific times, we advise you to contact the individual businesses for posted times.

Brewery News: OR: Cascade Brewery suspends interstate (mail-order) shipments

We are very sorry to report that at this time, we are suspending shipping our beer due to the legalities of sending beer across state lines. Our online store is currently closed. We will continue to work to address this issue, and keep you apprised of the situation if and when something changes. We value you as our customers and will continue to focus on brewing our world-class NW-Style sour ales. In the meantime, please enjoy our beers at the source.

image sourced from Cascade Barrel House's Google+ page
image sourced from Cascade Barrel House's Google+ page
The following was released by Cascade Brewing, via their Newsletter. After many months of shipping beer across state lines, Portland's Cascade has reassessed their support of mail-order beer. Currently, the brewery is looking into legal options. For now, supporters can still find bottles on shelves (throughout the Pacific Northwest) or directly at the Raccoon Lodge/Cascade Barrel House.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Festival Preview: WA: 7/31 Washington Brewshed® Beer Fest, now on sale.


The Washington Brewshed Alliance is an outreach initiative of Washington Wild designed to help spread a simple message: protected water makes even better beer. By protecting wild water sources with permanent wilderness designations we are able to protect the quality and integrity of downstream Washington Beer.

image sourced from Washington Brewshed

Thursday, July 31st, the Washington Brewshed® hosts their 1st annual Beer Fest. In it's 1st year, the Beer Fest hosts over 20 breweries, on the grounds of the Hale's Ale Palladium. Tickets are $30 or $25 for advance purchase. Don't hesitate before July 17th, when the ticket prices goes up to $30.

One $25/$30 ticket awards you 5 tasting tickets and 1 drawing ticket (for brewery giveaways). Additional tickets are available, for purchase, at $1 each. Also, the Beer Fest organizers encourage voting for favorite brewery. The winning brewery receives special recognition and trophy. Food will be available for purchase (CASH only), courtesy Hale's Ales.

Those who wish to participate as designated drivers, still have to pay half price.

Volunteers interested in signing-up, get additional schwag and positions are still open. Contact Lyndsay at lyndsay@wawild.org for enlistment and schedules.

So come out and celebrate keeping Washington wild, green, and full of great beer! All proceeds of the event benefit Washington Wild- a conservation nonprofit for Washington State.

About Washington Wild

Washington's wild forests have stood untouched for hundreds of years. These wild places recharge our spirit and nurture our soul. They also work hard for us. They clean our water, purify our air, and provide critical habitat for wildlife such as salmon, grizzly bears and lynx. Our wild lands are a precious legacy we can pass on to future generations.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beer Release: WA: Coming Soon … Reuben’s Brews London Calling British-inspired Pale Ale


In the United States, World Cup enthusiasm is slowly waning, replaced by the next ‘it’ sport. For the city of Seattle, home to the Major League Soccer team The Sounders FC, the World Cup is a temporary distraction. For Adam Robbings, brewer (and co-owner) at Reuben’s Brews, the World Cup is reminder of his childhood (growing up in the United Kingdom).

Since he was 2 years of age, Adam was a supporter of his father’s football club – the Tottenham Hotpur. Given his British accent, and education in English schools, it’s easy to assume Adam a Football (Soccer in the United States) fan. In fact Adam was elated when he learned the Tottenham Hotpur, are coming to Seattle.

A brief history of the Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, commonly referred to as Spurs, is an English football club located in Tottenham, London, that plays in the Premier League. The club's home stadium is White Hart Lane. source, Wikipedia

With news like this, Adam got to work on brewing a celebratory beer.

As a commercial brewery we have never brewed a British Bitter, a British Pale Ale.  I prefer to call the style British Pale Ale, as here in the Pacific Northwest our palettes are used to the IBU punch of our local IPAs - so a British Bitter seems in no way bitter to us! One of my favorite examples of the style is London Pride from Fullers, which is why we occasionally have that beer as a guest tap at the brewery.  I was born close to the Fuller's Brewery, and used to drive past it every day on the way to work.

With the recipe thought out, Adam reached out to the “Seattle Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Club” and Seattle Sounders FC supporters “Gorilla FC” to support local Street Soccer Seattle”, through partial proceeds from London Calling.

Look for London Calling to be on draft, at the brewery, starting July 11th.

More on London Calling British Pale Ale

With a British base malt of Maris Otter, British crystal malt to provide the backbone to offset the bitterness, Golding hops and a British fruity yeast strain, we are brewing this beer in the traditional style.  As the beer is inspired by soccer, it will be a session-able 4.7% ABV and will have 35 IBUs.  One of the reasons I've been hesitant to brew a British Pale since we opened, is that I believe the water profile is totally key for this style.  London water is very different to Seattle water, and with every beer we brew we adjust the mineral content of the water to give us the flavor profile we want.  I think I have a good idea of how we want the water to be in this beer now - after working on it for over a year!

About Reuben’s Brews

Reuben’s Brews is a small family-owned and operated brewery located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Wash. We hand craft all of our brews, which allows us to create a variety of beers and remain connected to our neighborhood. Since we opened in 2012, our beer has been honored with several local, regional and national awards. At the 2014 U.S. Open Beer Championship, we tied for 4th place. We won two gold medals at the 2014 Washington Beer Awards, and were runner up Best Small Brewery in the 2013 Washington Beer Awards. For more information, visit www.reubensbrews.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Street Soccer Seattle

To foster the camaraderie, community and confidence central to the sport of soccer to empower homeless individuals to find greater success and peace in their lives.

To teach skills, develop community, and deliver practical support to homeless youth and adults to help them live self-sufficient lives.

To raise awareness and unite communities towards the goal of ending homelessness in Seattle.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brewery News: WA: Reuben's Brews ties for 4th, at this year's U.S. Open Beer Championships


image sourced from Reuben's BrewsThe U.S. Open Beer Championship is one of the biggest brewery competitions in the world and the only one to include both professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers. This year, entries in the highly regarded competition included more than 3,000 beers from 300 breweries in 20 different countries.

Recently, at this year's U.S. Open Beer Championship, Reuben's Brews tied for 4th place. With a combined four medals (1 Gold, 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze), brewers Adam Robbings and Mike Pfeiffer, won for: 

  • Reuben's Brews Roggenbier (Gold)
  • Reuben's Brews American Brown (Silver)
  • Reuben's Brews Auld Heritage (Silver)
  • Reuben's Brews Dry Irish Stout (Bronze)

Located in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, Reuben's Brews has been inspiring palates since they opened in 2012. With a reputation for Roggen-themed (aka Rye-themed) beers, brewer Adam Robbing's creates beers that many other breweries have avoided. With names like Imperial Rye IPA, Roggenbier, American Rye, and Roasted Rye IPA, Adam has cornered the market on Rye beers. Additionally the brewery has a tasting room, located  a few blocks south of the Ballard Locks.

For the brewery, this is their 2nd top 10 finish, at the U.S.O.B.C. Previously, the brewery placed 6th, in 2013. Furthermore, Reuben's was the only Washington brewery to make the Top 10. Rounding out the top 5 list were:

  1. Wormtown Brewery    Worcester, MA
  2. Stone Brewery             Escondido, CA
  3. Deschutes Brewery    Bend, OR

“We were very excited to hear how well we did this year,” says Reuben’s Brews co-founder and head brewer Adam Robbings. “It’s fantastic to be recognized in such a large competition with so many great breweries. We've won some nice recognition so far, but this is definitely the highlight!”

About Reuben’s Brews

Reuben’s Brews is a small family-owned and operated brewery located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Wash. We hand craft all of our brews, which allows us to create a variety of beers and remain connected to our neighborhood. Since we opened in 2012, our beer has been honored with several local, regional and national awards. At the 2014 U.S. Open Beer Championship, we tied for 4th place. We won two gold medals at the 2014 Washington Beer Awards, and were runner up Best Small Brewery in the 2013 Washington Beer Awards. For more information, visit www.reubensbrews.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About the U.S. Open Beer Championships

The U.S. Open Beer Championship is one of the biggest brewery competitions in the world and the only one to include both professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers. This year, entries in the highly regarded competition included more than 3,000 beers from 300 breweries in 20 different countries. 

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