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Friday, September 26, 2014

Brewery News: OR: Bend: Crux Fermentation Project announces fresh-hopped Crystal Zwickle, Cruxtennial, & Off the Fence

Press Release

(Bend, OR.) As many craft beer aficionados know, Crux brewmaster and co-founder Larry Sidor has been brewing for decades. But many do not know that Larry also worked for many years in the hop industry. Larry brings his deep knowledge of and passion for hops to the forefront with three new fresh hop beers. Brewed immediately after harvest, when the whole hop flowers are still swelling with lupulin oils, these beers are pungent with bright aromas and flavors. When they’re gone, they’re gone—we only brewed 98 hectolitres (or about 83 barrels) all together. All three beers are currently on tap at the brewery in Bend and also headed for select fresh hop festivals. Crystal Zwickle will be distributed in bottles across Oregon and Washington with limited availability.

Crystal Zwickle, 6% 30 IBU

Brewdeck Release 
Belgian Pale Ale 
In bottles and on draught

Brewed with fresh Crystal and European Noble hops from Goschie Farms in Silverton, Oregon. This beer is named partly for the Crystal hops and Crystal malts, and partly for the unfiltered style. 

Cruxtennial, 6% 30 IBU
Belgian Pale Ale 
On draught

Brewed with fresh Centennial hops from Crosby Hop Farm in Woodburn, Oregon. This is our first fresh-hop beer of the season. 

Off the Fence, 6% 30 IBU
NW Pale Ale 
On draught

Brewed with fresh Cascade hops grown on the Crux Fermentation Project property in Bend, Oregon. This beer is the fresh-hop take on a house favorite, On the Fence. 


Straight from the Brewdeck to you, this rotating line-up of experimental, small-batch beers are a taste of what’s going on at the brewery right now. Every couple of months we’ll make a special pick from the brews available in the tasting room, bottle it up and distribute a mere 100 cases or so to fine craft retailers across the NW.

Crux Fermentation Project is located at the epicenter of Bend and at the crucial core of the brewing process. We’ve designed our brewery to allow for non-traditional brewing methods like decoction mashing, open fermentation, oak barrel aging, wild yeast strains and experimental hops. All our beer is bottled and labeled by hand in small batches right at the brewery. Brewmaster Larry Sidor is always in pursuit of the next great beer, whether by reinterpreting a classic style or abandoning it altogether. If you’re in Bend, stop by the Tasting Room at 50 SW Division Street, Bend, Oregon 97702. You can also find Crux at 

www.cruxfermentation.com, Facebook.com/cruxfermentationproject and Twitter.com/cruxbrew.

Larry Sidor, a founder, has been brewing for over 30 years. The former brewmaster of Deschutes, Larry created memorable beers such as The Abyss, The Dissident, and Red Chair. Larry is most inspired by experimentation and innovation in brewing, which Crux allows him to pursue.

Paul Evers, also a founder, is the president and chief creative director at tbd, a branding firm he founded in 1997. The tbd team has worked in the branding of craft beer for nearly ten years, working with Deschutes Brewery, Odell Brewing, 21st Amendment Brewery and now Crux.

Northwest Beer Guide: Washington: Yakima: An imbiber's guide to the Fresh Hop Ale Festival

Known for its over 100 wineries and 13,000 acres of vineyards, the same excellent growing conditions in the Yakima Valley in Washington State produce 78% of the nation’s hops for breweries and world-renowned fruits for cideries and distilleries. Sip your favorite craft creations amongst the fields, vineyards and orchards where their ingredients are actually grown. Learn about the Valley’s volcanic soils, elaborate irrigation systems, heat units and other unique growing conditions straight from the craft product makers themselves when you visit museums, tasting facilities and local restaurants serving the Valley’s craft products. source, Yakima Valley Spirits & Hops Trail

image sourced from the Fresh Hop Ale Festival, http://www.freshhopalefestival.com/
To most goers, the beer festival is an opportunity to step away from the confinement of a restaurant or bar. It's an opportunity to coalesce with people with different social background. Although there will be occasional repartee, there will be no shortage of enjoyment inspired by the ingredients in your glass. On Saturday, October 4th, the Fresh Hop Ale Festival returns for its 12th year featuring over 35 different regional and national craft breweries.

The Fresh Hop Ale Festival has been named on of the top ten beer festivals in the country. The festival features Fresh Hop Ales from over 30 breweries, wine, food booths and music on a festival stage. source, Fresh Hop Ale Festival

More on Yakima's Hop History

The hop is a perennial climbing plant of the hemp family (Cannabinaceae). The wild hop (Humulus mas) is very different from its cultivated cousin (Humulus lupulus) which not only gives beer its aroma and bitter flavor but also preserves it. The high-quality brewer’s hop is the result of a process of cultivations spanning several centuries. As hops are used almost exclusively in brewing, this development is closely linked with the history and geographical distribution of beer.

Expanded History (for those who wish to read more) can be accessed here.

More on what makes a beer "fresh-hopped"

The addition of freshly harvested hops that have not yet been dried to different stages of the brewing process. Fresh hopping adds unique flavors and aromas to beer that are not normally found when using hops that have been dried and processed per usual. Synonymous with wet hopping.

Given some of you didn't come to Yakima for all those 'hoppy' beers, we elected to author a guide. Within this guide you will find accommodations, suggested restaurants and eateries, and recreations that are unique to the Yakima Valley. Enjoy your stay,

Where to Go - Wine (the other drink)

If communing over a glass of India Pale Ale or Pale Ale is less enjoable, there are options (both at the festival and away) within the Yakima Valley. For those who would rather enjoy a glass of chardonnay over a pint of Yakima Craft India Pale Ale, we suggest you visit one of the following tasting rooms:
  • Kana Winery
    Kana is a native word for the spirit or the fire within a mountain, in reference to the perceived supernatural power of volcanic activity. The Yakima and Columbia Valleys are awash with volcanic soil influences, providing terroir from the millennia of ”Kana“ escaping from nearby volcanic mountains, to lay resting as soil for our world-class vineyards.
    Kana Winery is located on 2nd Street at  10 S. 2nd Street (in Yakima, WA 98901) and can be reached at (509) 453-6611.

  • AntoLin
    We are a Yakima, Washington-based winery offering a boutique collection of expressive and note-worthy wines that are equally appealing in value. In 2007, founders Tony and Linda Haralson, a pharmacist and nurse in the Yakima community, turned their dreams of owning a winery into a reality after ten years of home winemaking. The couple sources Riesling, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah from Glacier, their 5-acre estate vineyard, and other select sites in the Yakima and Columbia Valleys.AntoLin is located on Front Street at 14 North Front Street (in Yakima, WA 980901) and can be reached at (509) 833-5765.
  • Gilbert Cellars
    Here in Yakima, Washington, our ancestors chose the agrarian life in 1897. The simple joys of our rural community, and the products it bears, still speak to us today. We come from a long line of Yakima Valley fruit growers, and have chosen to honor that legacy through winemaking. We believe that what we’re doing matters—creating wines that share a place that we love. For us, winemaking is a way of life, with our work and play closely intertwined. Besides making our own wine, we like to make our own fun, hosting tastings, dinners and special events, especially when we can invite our favorite artists and musicians.
    Gilbert Cellars is located on Front Street at 5 North Front Street (in Yakima, WA 98901) and can be reached at (509) 249-9049

Getting a ride home

Before we touch on things do, places to stay, and where to eat; let's address alternate ways to get 'home'. If you're coming from a metropolitan city (like Seattle or Portland), then you've heard of Lyft or Uber. Yakima, despite it's population size, does not have ride-sharing. So instead of driving back to your hotel/motel, consider the following Taxi services.

  • Andes Taxi at (509) 249-8303
  • Diamond Cab at (509) 941-2496
  • Downtown Taxi at (509) 494-8345
  • Aladdin Limos at (509) 969-2877
Where to Go - The Great Outdoors (otherwise known as getting outside)

Despite it's topographical appearances, the Yakima Valley has ranked among anglers looking for that perfect stream. Truth be told, the Yakima River holds the reputation of support a Blue Ribbon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Ribbon_fishery (or High Ranked) stream.

This fabulous blue ribbon water offers the fly fishing enthusiast with a thriving trout population. Experience a match the hatch aquatic insect event as mayflies, caddisflies and stoneflies emerge throughout the season. Absorb some of Washington States most spectacular visionary scenery and encounter a variety of wild game, wild birds and plant species along the riverbanks during the day. -source, http://www.worleybuggerflyco.com/professionalgu/Yakima_River_Professional_Guide_Service..htm

If the sensory experience of listening to running water or smell of a fresh-caught trout isn't your thing, then consider a trip to one of the many campgrounds around the Yakima Valley.

Yakima Sportsman State Park is a 247-acre camping park created in 1940 by the Yakima Sportsman's Association to promote game management and the preservation of natural resources. The park is on the floodplain of the Yakima River and is an irrigated green zone in an otherwise desert area. The park has a variety of deciduous trees that shade camping and picnic areas.

Colorful Ducks on the Water Ducks Swimming Yakima Sportsman Park Ranger Geese in Picnic Area Yakima Sportsman River Yakima Sportsman Viewing Platform Ponds, lakes, and rivers attract fishermen, both young and adult, to this location. More than 140 species of bird make wildlife watching a delight. The campground is a stay-over place for events at the Yakima Sun-Dome and fairgrounds. source, http://www.parks.wa.gov/278/Yakima-Sportsman

Here are some other, helpful, ideas from the Yakima Valley Tourism group. 

In downtown Yakima, the Historic North Front Street is hopping with activity of late. The old Train Depot reopened this year with three local tenants: Russillos Pizza,  North Town Coffee and the Local Yokel. Along the street are various vendors including Garden Dance (women’s boutique), Garden Girl (plants and stuff) and Gilbert Cellars (nice wine)

As for museums, the Yakima Valley Museum is a must and through December they have a fun exhibit on Sasquatch.  Down the Valley there is the American Hop Museum in Toppenish, plus their 75 murals that depict the history of the region. In nearby Union Gap the Central Washington Ag Museum has a huge display of the farm equipment from over the decades.

The Valley is also known for our agriculture bounty. Throughout the Valley are fruit stands and produce shops that offer the bounty of the area.Farm Fresh Fun website has details. And of course, we are wine country with nearly 100 wineries up and down the Valley.

Where to Sleep - Lodging (aka, the great indoors)

If you're looking for accommodations, the Fresh Hop Ale Festival has the following suggestions.
  • The Hilton Garden Inn, located at 401 E. Yakima Ave Yakima, WA 98901, and can be reached at (509) 454-1111. Contact YKMYA_DS@hilton.com for availability
  • The Red Lion Yakima Center, located at 607 East Yakima Avenue Yakima, WA 98901, and can be reached at (509) 248-5900. Contact erica.moloney@redlion.com for availability
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, located at 137 N. Fair Avenue Yakima, WA 98901, and can be reached at (509) 452-3100
  • The Howard Johnson, located at  9 N. 9th Street Yakima, WA 98901, and can be reached at (509) 452-6511.
  • The Holiday Inn, located at 802 E. Yakima Avenue Yakima, WA 98901, and can be reached at (877) 834-3613
  • To find other accommodations check out Visit Yakima or http://www.visityakima.com/newSite/yakima-valley-accommodations.asp

Where to eat - Restaurants, Pubs, and Bottle Shops

One cannot attend a festival on empty stomach. So here are a few suggestions, prior to the Fresh Hop Ale Festival or after.Despite it's appearance, the city of Yakima is home to nationally recognized restaurants and eateries.

If fast food is generally your thing, you might consider Miner's Drive-in Restaurant or Peppermint Stick Drive-in.
image of Miner's Drive Restaurant sourced from Yakima-Herald Republic, http://www.yakimaherald.com/valleylife/foodanddining/latestrestaurants/381875-8/on-the-menu-miners-drive-in-restaurant
  • Miner's Burgers
    Technically located in Union Gap, Dave Miner's opened his business in 1948 as a walk-up and takeaway eatery. As it was in 1948 the restaurant is known for its 'giant' burgers. The technique known as 'smash' was originally started in the 1920's, produces a burger with crispy (carmelized) crust. Using the technique also allows a restaurant minimize cooking prep. What started as a simplified burger-cooking technique, has inspired generations of locals to recall their first Miner Burger.

    Located at 2415 S 1st Street along Yakima's main arterial, today Miner's features an indoor restaurant as well as an attached park for summer sit-downs. Stop by today.

  • Peppermint Stick Drive-in
    Much like Miner's, opened in the 40's by providing something unique. Known for their Peppermint ice-cream cone, this burger stop rests 2 scoops of red-streaked, peppermint, ice cream on a memorable baked cone. If you're visiting the cone, then try their signature burger the Dave. The Dave is a "... thick, half-pound patty with all the trimmings, and like all their burgers, comes with the "special sauce that has been passed down through generations."

    Peppermint Stick Drive-in is located on Tieton Drive at 5110 Tieton Drive (in Yakima, Washington 98908) 
On the other hand if you're looking for somewhere to sit down or watch a sporting event on the television, please consider the following spots:

image sourced, The Sports Center

  • The Sports Center
    The Sports Center Restaurant and Bar is located on Yakima Avenue at 
    214 East Yakima Avenue (in Yakima WA 98901) can be reached at (509) 453-4647.

  • Bills Place
    Welcome to one of Yakima’s oldest continuously operating bars. Originally built in 1933, we offer daily food specials, trivia, foosball & dart tournaments and much more. Covered outdoor patio & smoking area is the best in town.

    Our continuously rotating selection of micro-brews including local favorites from Yakima Craft Brewing, Bale Breaker Brewing along with other Northwest breweries ensures a pleasurable beer-drinking experience for everyone! We also feature a selection of aged 22oz beers from our cellar to please even the most demanding beer connoisseurs.  We feature wines by the bottle from Naches Heights Vineyard and a great selection of your favorite cocktails! Come down today and join us for a great time!

     Bill's Place is located on 3rd Avenue at 
    206 South 3rd Avenue (in Yakima, WA 98902) and can be reached at (509) 575-9513.

  • Bert’s Pub
    Bert’s Pub opened its doors on May 15th, 2006 and from that moment on, we have never looked back. We are a testament to the philosophy. that if you offer a quality product, at a reasonable price, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the community will respond. This was Bert Grants philosophy, and we like to think he is looking down at us and is proud of what Aaron Gamache has created in his honor... http://www.bertspub.com/about.html

     Bert's Pub is located on Tieton Drive at 
    5110 Tieton Drive (in Yakima WA.98908) and can be reached at (509) 972-4557

  • Second Street GrillSince opening in 2008, the Second Street Grill has established itself as downtown Yakima’s social hub - a place to meet, eat, drink and relax.
    Enjoy a casual, contemporary dining experience surrounded by the brick and mortar of nearly 100 years. We offer a diverse menu of American fare with something for almost every taste and budget. The center island bar features 24 draft beers with a heavy emphasis on craft beers from the Pacific Northwest, as well as local and regional wines. Many of our specialty martinis and cocktails feature house-infused liquors.

    Past meets present as the black and white photos on the walls – taken from the archives of the Yakima Valley Museum and featuring teams from Yakima Valley’s past – blend with ample hi-definition televisions for today’s best sports viewing.

    Second Street Grill is located on 2nd Street at 28 North 2nd Street (in Yakima, WA) and can contacted at 
    (509) 469-1486. 

If you are looking for additional choices, visit the Yakima Valley "Spirits and Hops Trail" guide or here http://www.visityakima.com/spirits-and-hops/yakima-valley-breweries-distilleries.asp#grub

Where to fill-up - Picking up one (growler or 6-pack) for the road

image sourced from Bale Breaker Brewing
source, Bale Breaker Brewng (http://balebreaker.com/taproom.html)
Besides wineries, the area is home to two nearby breweries and one just 40 minutes away. 
  • Yakima Craft
    Yakima Craft Brewing Co. is a craft beer brewery located in the heart of North America's leading producer of hops, the Yakima Valley in the state of Washington. We produce high-quality craft ales and lagers with an emphasis on full-bodied taste and unique character.

  • Yakima Craft has two taprooms, located on River Road at 2920 River Rd #6 (in Yakima, WA 98902) and on Yakima Avenue at 120 East Yakima Avenue (in Yakima, WA 98901). Their 'River Road' location can be reached at (509) 654-7357 while the 'Yakima Avenue' location is reachable at (509) 571-1468.

  • Bale Breaker
    Bale Breaker Brewing Company is the newest craft brewery to open in the heart of our nation’s hop country, but while the brewery is new on the scene, the family behind the beer is not.  The great-grandparents of owners Patrick Smith, Meghann Quinn, and Kevin Smith first planted hops in the Yakima Valley in 1932, the year before Prohibition ended.  Now, 82 years later, their love of hops and passion for craft beer has led them to where they are today – in the midst of running a production brewery surrounded by their family’s hop fields, just down the road from where they were born and raised.

    Bale Breaker Brewing Company opened the doors to their new 30-barrel production brewery in April 2013.  Surrounded on three sides by a field of Cascade hops, the new facility is approximately 11,000 square feet and houses an onsite taproom (no food preparation, but outside food is welcome) with a beautiful outdoor patio and lawn area, perfect for enjoying the Yakima sunshine.

    Bale Breaker is located at on Birchfield Road at 
    1801 Birchfield Road (in Yakima, WA 98901) and reached at (509) 424-4000

  • Snipes Mountain Brewery
    Walk between six tall lodge poles that flank the entrance of Snipes Mountain Brewery & Restaurant, push open the big double doors, and come on in. A unique pub and dining experience is waiting for you.

    Find a seat at the oak bar, in front of the fireplace, or on the wrap-around patio.

    Designed to reflect the surrounding countryside, there's plenty of wide open spaces for everyone. Separate banquet rooms are also available and children are always welcome

    Snipes Mountain Brewery and Restaurant is located on the Yakima Valley Highway at 905 Yakima Valley Highway (in Sunnyside, WA 98944)  and can be reached at (509) 837 - 2739.

Finally, if you choose to relax afterwards, stop into The Beer Shoppe for a growler to go. While you're waiting for 64 ounces of beer-in-a-bottle, look around the shoppe for a few bottles, or grab a pint.

  • The Beer Shoppe
    The Beer Shoppe is home to more than 550 different kinds of beer, from the great Pacific Northwest and the world.  The Beer Shoppe is located in Yakima (THE HOP CAPITAL of the world) right smack in the middle of Washington, Our middle name is "by the bottle" everything is priced by the bottle so it's mix & match of everything.

     The Beer Shoppe is located on Yakima Avenue at 302 W. Yakima Avenue #107 (in Yakima, WA. 98902) and be reached at (
    509) 453-5706

Be safe, be smart, and enjoy this year's Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival!

References used in this guide

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brewery Release: WA: Seattle: Get It Now ... Elysian Karma Citra fresh-hopped IPA & Elysian 50 Shades of Green fresh-hopped Pale Ale

Stop by your nearby Elysian Brewery & Restaurant to enjoy a pint of fresh-hopped Karma Citra India Pale Ale and fresh-hopped 50 Shades of Green Pale Ale.

More on brewing with fresh hops (aka, wet hops)

For brewer’s, wet hops are the most exciting and unpredictable form of hops. They endow each harvest with a distinct flavor and layer fresh hop beers with multidimensional aromatic qualities. Green Hops® are harvested as whole cones on hop farms throughout the fertile Yakima Valley, and are delivered to Hopunion for shipment in less than 24 hours. The entire process is furious and full of logistical challenges, however, brewers and consumers agree, the taste of each resulting beer is worth every hardship.
image sourced from Elysian Brewing's Facebook page

More on 50 Shades of Green Pale Ale

At 45 IBUS, 50 Shades of Green is composed of Pale, Munich, and C-45 malts; before being bittered with Polaris hops and finished with 50 pounds of fresh-picked Mosaic hops.

More on Karma Citra India Pale Ale

Released in 2013 as a Red Ale, this year's KC has evolved into an India Pale Ale. Brewed with malts Pale, Cara-hell, Cara-Wheat, and C-45 crystal (crisp). Once transferred to the 2nd kettle, Karma Citra is bittered with Chinook hops, before the finishing addition of fresh-picked Citra hops are added.

Both beers are listed as available at Elysian Fields and Elysian Capitiol Hill locations. Elysian Fields is located at 542 1st Avenue South and Elysian Brewery (aka, Captiol Hill) is located at 1221 East Pike Street.

Elysian Brewing operates four Seattle restaurants -Elysian Capitol Hill, Elysian Tangletown, Elysian Fields, Elysian BAR, and a full production brewery – Elysian Airport Way, in the Georgetown neighborhood. Known for variety, Elysian has brewed over 350 craft beers since it opened on Capitol Hill in 1996.

Glossary of listed brewery ingredients.

Pale Malt: Pale malt is the basis of pale ale and bitter and the precursor in production of most other British beer malts. Dried at temperatures sufficiently low to preserve all the brewing enzymes in the grain, it is light in color and, today, the cheapest barley malt available due to mass production. It can be used as a base malt, that is, as the malt constituting the majority of the grist, in many styles of beer. Typically, English pale malts are kilned at 95–105 °C. Color ASBC 2-3/EBC 5–7. Diastatic power (DP) 45 °Lintner.

Munich Malt: Munich malt is used as the base malt of the bock beer style, especially doppelbock, and appears in dunkel lager and Märzens in smaller quantities. While a darker grain than pale malt, it has sufficient diastatic power to self-convert, despite being kilned at temperatures around 115 °C. It imparts "malty," although not necessarily sweet characteristics, depending on mashing temperatures. ASBC 4-6/EBC 10–15, DP 40 °Lintner

C-45 "Crystal" Caramalt: is a medium-amber crystal malt that will impart a rich, caramel-sweet aroma and full flavor, as well as intense color.

Cara-Hell Malt: 11° L. Imparts a full, round malt flavor and gold color. Very versatile - use up to 15% in pale ale, Oktoberfest, Maibock, and hefeweizen.

Cara-Wheat Malt: 45.5° L. malted wheat that has been steeped and kilned to create a caramel malt. Emphasizes wheat aroma and flavor and adds color; use up to 15% for dunkelweizen and hefeweizen.

Polaris Hops: "A variety with bold taste and differentiating flavor" Produced as an aroma hop, Polaris is described as having "intense floral and pleasant mint tones"

Mosaic Hops: "An excellent aroma variety" Grown as an aroma hop, Mosaic was inspired by the famous Simcoe hop variety. Per the farmers this hop is described as "A complex array of tropical fruit, citrus, berry, herbal, earthy and pine characteristics". 

Chinook Hops: "Increasingly popular among craft brewers; released in 1985." Produced as a dual purpose hop, Chinook is described as having "... Distinct, medium intensity spice and pine characteristics with subtle notes of grapefruit". Often this hops is used as a substitution for hops Columbus, Northern Brewer, and Nugget.

Citra Hops: "Developed by the Hop Breeding Company and released in 2007" Another aroma hop, that was inspired by "Hallertau Mittelfrüh, US Tettnang, Brewer's Gold and East Kent Golding" hops. This hop has been described as have a "Strong citrus and tropical tones of grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee".


Brewery Release: WA: Redmond: Coming Soon ... Black Raven 2014 Fresh Hop Saison. A collaboration between Black Raven & Snipes Mountain breweries.

image sourced from Black Raven Brewing Company

This Saturday, September 27th, the Black Raven Brewing Company releases their next collaboration beer - 2014 Fresh Hop Saison.

More on 2014 Fresh Hop Saison Wet hopped saison ale

The story behind the beer:
"Every year since 2009 when Black Raven Brewing opened, we have collaborated with Snipes Mountain Brewery on a fresh hop beer. This year it was our turn to be the host brewery and we bring you this annual treat with pride." 
The beer: 
"This was brewed as a fairly standard saison ale with a traditional saison yeast strain. That's where tradition ends and Yakima hops begin. We threw 394 pounds of wet, freshly picked Citra hop cones into this bad boy. Take that tradition!" 
- Beaux Bowman 

Technical data: 
Malts: Pilsner, wheat, rye and oats.
Hops: Citra (wet cones direct from field same day)  
Yeast: Saison 
ABV: 6.4%
IBU: 30-somethingish 
Process: 394 pounds of hop cone added into hop back (converted mash tun).

Customers can visit the brewery's taproom to enjoy pints or take a growler home.

Black Raven Brewing and its taproom are located at 14679 NE 95th Street (Redmond, WA 98052). For additional information, visit their website at http://www.blackravenbrewing.com/.

About Black Raven Brewing Co.

As beer lovers ourselves, our mission is simple; brew beer that we want to drink. We do not limit ourselves to style guidelines or how we "should" brew any beer. We brew it our way and hope enough folks like it because we cannot drink it all, even though we try sometimes. 

Brewery Release: NW: Get It Now … New Belgium Brewing’s Pumpkick and


Press Release

Pumpkick_12oz_Bottle 2Ft. Collins, Colo.– As summer changes over to fall, New Belgium Brewing unveils its new line-up for the cooler weather. Pumpkick is back after debuting in 2013, this time with new artwork, but the same spices and bite of bitterness. This beer encompasses all that is fall, pouring a festive orange color with a slight haze and finishing quick and dry. Pumpkick is a spiced ale brewed with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. It has a unique, tart kick from cranberries and a hint of lemongrass. Added oats cream up the mouthfeel, making this anything but your typical pumpkin beer. Pumpkick is 6 percent ABV and 18 IBUs. It is available in 12 oz. bottles and draft now through October

The Lips of Faith series adds Le Terroir, a dry-hopped American sour ale packing the bold, hoppy nose of an American IPA and all the pucker of a well-crafted sour. Le Terroir is a French term meaning “of the earth,” and references the environmental conditions that affect the beer.

“Our wooden barrels age sour beer in varying temperatures, humidity and vibrations,” said New Belgium’s Specialty Brand Manager, Lauren Salazar. “Add in another variable by dry-hopping with peachy, mango-like Amarillo hops and we’ve created a beer that changes every time we brew it.”

The Amarillo hops serve as an aromatic complement to its complex, wood-aged backbone, leaving no bitterness. A juicy finish rounds it out. Le Terroir is 7.5 percent ABV and available in 22 oz. bombers and on draft now through December.

Hop_Kitchen_Hop_the_Pond_22oz_Bottle.jpg copyIn the Hop Kitchen Series, Hop the Pond is a double IPA brewed with Admiral hops from England, Galaxy hops from Australia, Styrian Dana hops and Citra hops from the U.S. This beer hints of malty sweetness with big bitterness that bounds in with a full, fireball temperament. Brewed with raw international materials, Hop the Pond is a potent mixture of tropical fruits and herbal, resinous notes. Its diverse flavors and aromas will bounce truly adventurous hopheads around the world in 80 IBUs. Hop the Pond is 8 percent ABV and is available on draft now until it’s gone.

To find New Belgium beers near you, use the New Belgium Libation Location tool: http://www.newbelgium.com/beer/locator.aspx. Pricing varies by location. For a look at New Belgium’s year-round portfolio, visit http://www.newbelgium.com/Beer/year-round.aspx.

About New Belgium Brewing Company

New Belgium Brewing, makers of Fat Tire Amber Ale and a host of Belgian-inspired beers, is recognized as one of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work and one of the Wall Street Journal’s Best Small Businesses. The 100% employee-owned brewery is a Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Business as designated by the League of American Bicyclists, and one of World Blu’s most democratic U.S. businesses, and a Certified B Corp. In addition to Fat Tire, New Belgium brews nine year-round beers; Ranger IPA, Rampant Imperial IPA, Shift Pale Lager, Snapshot Wheat, Sunshine Wheat, 1554 Black Lager, Blue Paddle Pilsener, Abbey Belgian Ale and Trippel. Learn more at www.newbelgium.com.

Brewery News: MI: Michigan is next state to party with Deschutes Brewery


Press Release

22 September 2014– Bend, Oregon – Craft beer fans in Michigan will soon be able to enjoy Deschutes Brewery beers in their home state, so a few folks from the brewery are heading over to help kick things off. Everyone is invited to come to any and all of the following events to check out Deschutes Brewery’s delicious beers and chat with the team.

From beer dinners to simple meet & greets, fans can pick and choose what events they’d like to attend in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Lansing. The beers showcased at the events include Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Black Butte Porter, Inversion IPA, and Jubelale.  At select locations, Chainbreaker White IPA will be available. 

Deschutes is hosting a series of “Meet & Greet” events in the area as part of its launch festivities.  It’s the perfect opportunity to try some combination of the beers above while making small talk with personalities from Deschutes Brewery. See directly below for dates, times and locations.


  • Wed., Oct 8, 4-6pm Tiffany’s Wine & Spirits Shoppe, 1714 W Main St., Kalamazoo, MI 49006
  • Wed., Oct 8, 4-6pm               Mega-Bev Oshtemo, 6619 West Main St., Kalamazoo, MI 49009


  • Thurs., Oct 9, 4-6pm Horrocks Farm Market, 7420 W. Saginaw Highway, Lansing, MI 48917
  • Thurs., Oct 9, 4-6pm             Big Ten Party Store-Oades, 314 S. Clippert St., Lansing, MI 48912

Grand Rapids

  • Thurs., Oct 9, 4-6pm Siciliano’s Market, 2840 Lake Michigan Dr. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
  • Fri., Oct 10, 4-6pm Rishi’s International Beverage, 3839 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512


Monday, October 6, 6pm - end

What: Pub Crawl! With Deschutes Brewery

Traveling from pub to pub to meet new friends and try new beers is always a good time. Deschutes Brewery is in town to celebrate its launch in Michigan and invites locals and visitors to join in the pub crawl fun. We will start out the evening at Centre Street Tap House, and make our way through the area to end up at Shakespeare’s Pub. Each stop has special Deschutes Brewery beers and giveaways.

Where (and in this order):

  • Centre Street Tap House, 3251 Centre Street, Portage, MI 49024
  • Central City Tap House, 359 S Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
  • Old Burdick’s Bar & Grille, 100 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
  • Kalamazoo Beer Exchange, 211 E Water St, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
  • Shakespeare’s Pub, 241 E Kalamazoo Ave #100, Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Wednesday, October 8, 6:30pm

What: “Stand By Me” Beer Dinner

Dinner and movie? Always a good bet, and it’s a GREAT bet when Deschutes Brewery is in town from Oregon celebrating the launch of their beers in Michigan. We will host a five-course, beer-themed dinner around the movie Stand by Me, which was filmed in the brewery’s home state of Oregon. To celebrate this modern classic, we will pair delicious gourmet food from Alamo Drafthouse with amazing Deschutes craft brewed ales. Come enjoy this amazing combination of great film, food and beer…

Where: Alamo Drafthouse, 180 Portage St., Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Tickets: www.drafthouse.com/kalamazoo/kalamazoo or call 269-532-7990


Thursday, October 9, 7-10 pm

What: Deschutes Brewery Ice Cream Social

Decadent delights are in store!  It’s an ice cream flight night – ice cream and beer flights that is! Four of Deschutes Brewery’s beers have been paired with specialty ice cream flavors from Michigan State University Dairy Store. If you’ve never paired ice cream with beer before, you must try it!

Where: Crunchy’s, 254 W. Grand River, East Lansing, MI 48823


Tuesday, October 7, 7-10pm

What: Deschutes Brewery Tap Takeover
Deschutes Brewery is in town celebrating their launch into Michigan and they’re taking over some of the taps at The Score. Five beers from the brewery, including their famous Black Butte Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Inversion IPA, Chainbreaker White IPA and their winter seasonal, Jubelale, will be available. The brewery will have representatives on hand to answer questions and to give away schwag to craft beer loving fans.

Where: The Score, 5301 Northland Dr NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Thursday, October 9, 7-10pm

What: Deschutes Brewery Tap Takeover

Deschutes Brewery is in town celebrating their launch in Michigan and they’re taking over some of the taps at Logan’s Alley. Five beers from the brewery, including their famous Black Butte Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Inversion IPA, Chainbreaker White IPA and their winter seasonal, Jubelale, will be available. The brewery will have representatives on hand to answer questions and to give away schwag to craft beer loving fans.

Where: Logan’s Alley, 916 Michigan St., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Friday, October 10, 7pm

What: Homecoming with Deschutes Brewery and Perrin Brewing Company

Whether you look back fondly on your homecoming, or want a do-over, now’s your chance to relive the fun. Deschutes Brewery is in town and is partnering with Perrin Brewing Company for a very special evening.  Three beers from each brewery will be on tap. Creating a homecoming court, crowning a king and queen, playing “spin the bottle” for prizes, photos and much more are all part of the festivities. Then dance the night away on the best dance floor in Grand Rapids.  Just like homecoming, only much, much better – because we’ll all be drinking great craft beer. So get out the taffeta and tuxes, and get ready to have a good time.  Prizes for the best homecoming outfits!

Where: Stella’s Lounge, 53 Commerce Ave., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Saturday, October 11, 10am-1pm

What: Work Party with Deschutes Brewery

Deschutes Brewery is here from Oregon celebrating their Michigan launch! Always big supporters of river health both in their Oregon headquarters and beyond, they’ve teamed up with Western Michigan Environmental Action Center to sponsor a “waterway work party.” Get ready to get down and dirty repairing rain barrels, rain garden planting, letter writing and more to benefit the waterways in the region. All this hard work will be rewarded with an after party celebration on the spot, with beers and lunch courtesy of Deschutes Brewery.

Where: Western Michigan Environmental Action Center, 1007 Lake Drive SE., Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Signup: Limited to first 50 signups.  Sign up here:  www.wmeac.org/deschutes

Saturday, October 11, 9pm

What: Beerlesque:  Tastings And Tassels! With Deschutes Brewery

What’s better than an evening full of craft beer from Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery? An evening full of craft beer…coupled with a full length burlesque show, featuring nationally renowned MC Naughty Pierre and amazing local burlesque troupe The Danger Damsels!  They will feature a Deschutes Brewery beer in each of their burlesque and variety stage acts. This is sure to be a night of excitement, laughter, and unforgettable fun.  No cover!

Where: Rezervoir Lounge, 1418 Plainfield Ave NE., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Brewery Release: NW: Coming Soon ... Avery Brewing Rumpkin Rum Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Ale

Press Release

Boulder, CO – Falling just a week after the release of their new beer, Pump[KY]n, batch no. 4 of Avery Brewing Company’s Rumpkin is ready to be harvested.

This is the fourth year Avery has brewed Rumpkin, a 16.73% ABV pumpkin ale aged for four months in fresh rum barrels. While the first three batches were extremely well-received, the availability was far too limited, so Founder and CEO Adam Avery tripled its production.

image courtesy Avery Brewing

“The demand for our barrel-aged beers has been much bigger than what we could produce, so we've put a huge emphasis on increasing the barrelage of these projects. We need to keep pushing the envelope.”

Last year Avery made 600 cases of Rumpkin and this year they made 1600, plus 2000 cases of Pump[KY]n. “The pumpkin harvest at the brewery was huge this year!” joked Avery.

Avery’s Chief Barrel Herder Andy Parker says this beer isn't easy to make. “You have to take the time to make sure the barrels properly mature, and it’s hard to get yeast to do what they need to do in 16 percent alcohol.”

Avery used 2300 pounds of pumpkin to make this brew—7.5 pounds per barrel—and added 38 pounds of cinnamon, 32 pounds of nutmeg, 25 pounds of allspice, and 4 pounds of ginger. “The idea behind Rumpkin was a pumpkin pie soaked in rum,” says Avery. “And I think we definitely nailed it.”

The name Rumpkin was easy to come up with. “Just like with the name Pump[KY]n, we changed one letter and we’re able to describe exactly what’s in the beer.”

Batch no. 4 of Rumpkin will be released on Sunday, September 28th at the Avery Tap Room in Boulder. The line party starts at 11am and will feature rare and exclusive beers on tap. Bottle sales begin at 1pm and will be sold for $12 each with a 1 case limit. Rumpkin will reach store shelves around CO and in AR, AZ, CA, FL, IL, KS, KY, MA, MI, MO, NJ, NY, OK, PA, TX, VA, WA, and WY.

Established in 1993, Avery Brewing Company has developed a reputation as being one of the most daring and visionary breweries in the nation. They are the brewers of Avery IPA, White Rascal Belgian-Style White Ale, The Maharaja Imperial IPA, Mephistopheles' Stout and more than 20 other year-round and seasonal beers. For more information, beer connoisseurs can check www.averybrewing.com, email info@averybrewing.com, and follow Avery’s Facebook page and Twitter feed for the latest news.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Industry News: OR: The 2014 Oregon Brewers Festival benefited the local economy with $32.6 Million

Press Release

PORTLAND, Ore. – Sept. 23, 2014 – A recently completed study estimates the economic impact of the 2014 Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF) at $32.5 Million, a 3.8 percent increase from the 2013 festival.
Jeff Dense, Professor of Political Science at Eastern Oregon University, and a team of students and volunteers administered 759 on-site interviews at this summer's 27th annual festival from July 23 to 27
The analysis utilized IMPLAN (IMpact Analysis for PLANning) data and software package to estimate the economic impact of the festival on Multnomah County. The 2014 OBF generated an estimated $20.9 Million in direct, $6.1 Million in indirect (additional input purchases made by local businesses) and $5.5 Million in induced (expenditures by employees from wages paid by companies in direct contact with tourists) economic impact.
“The Oregon Brewers Festival, and craft beer tourism, continues to have a significant economic impact on the Portland economy,” Dense said.
One of the most important findings of the study is the increasingly important role women are playing in the craft beer industry; nearly half (44.8%) of this year's OBF attendees were female. According to Dense, "Women are the future of the craft beer industry."
Respondents were queried on demographic factors, along with estimates of OBF related expenditures in tourism-related categories, including transportation, lodging, meals, gasoline purchases, non-beer related recreation, beer purchased to take home, and expenditures at the OBF.
Findings of the study include:
  • A majority (56.8%) of OBF patrons were out-of-town visitors.
  • Visitors from Washington, California and Canada comprised 30.6% of total OBF patrons.
  • 41.1% of respondents were attending OBF for the first time.
  • 25.4% of OBF patrons were 50 years or older.
  • The average out-of-town visitor spent $674.
  • Lodging ($9.1 Million) accounted for the largest share of OBF expenditures.
  • State and local government received $1.87 Million in indirect business taxes.
  • 42.3% of OBF patrons utilized mass transit to attend the festival.
This was the fourth year of the study; 2011 estimated the estimated economic impact of the festival at $23.2 Million, 2012 came in at $30 Million, and 2013 showed $31.2 Million.
The Oregon Brewers Festival was founded in 1988 as an opportunity to expose the public to microbrews at a time when the craft brewing industry was just getting off the ground. Today, that industry has succeeded, especially in Oregon, where 173 brewing companies operate 214 brewing facilities in 70 cities in Oregon. Portland has 56 breweries — more than any other city in the world – and the Portland metropolitan area is the largest craft brewing market in the US with the most number of breweries at 76. The Oregon Brewers Festival always takes place the last full weekend in July. The 28th annual event will take place July 22 through July 26, 2015. For more information, visit www.oregonbrewfest.com.

Brewery News: WA: Diamond Knot Brewing fulfills its Director of Quality with addition of Coast Guard Vet Aaron Brodniak

Press Release

MUKILTEO, WA – Diamond Knot Craft Brewing is happy to announce the addition of a new Director of Quality to its growing brewery operations. 

Aaron Brodniak, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, transitioned to the brewing industry and has more than 18 years of craft brewing experience, a passion that began in Mukilteo back in the 1990s. He has worked in breweries ranging in size from 500 – 75,000 barrels and has held the titles of head brewer for a microbrewery and regional brewer for a chain of brewpubs. 

Brodniak’s main focus will be implementing a quality assurance program and production plan while assisting in the expansion at the company’s production facility. 

“With the planned expansion of our brewery taking shape, it was time we hired another industry professional to assist with both the expansion and the overall quality of our most important product,” said Bob Maphet, Diamond Knot president and CEO. “Aaron comes to us with a vast amount of experience in the industry. We see him adding to the strong brewery team we already have under the leadership of Pat Ringe.”

Not only does Brodniak have strong ties to the brewing industry, he grew up playing on the beaches along the shores of Diamond Knot’s home base: Mukilteo. His great grandfather settled in Mukilteo in the early 1900s, and his grandmother worked at Taylor’s Landing, now Ivar’s at the Mukilteo ferry dock just across from Diamond Knot’s flagship Brewery & Alehouse.

Maphet jokingly takes credit for anchoring Brodniak’s passion in the industry. Maphet, and the late Diamond Knot co-founder Brian Sollenberger met Brodniak back in 1994 when they first began brewing at the original brewery on Front Street in Mukilteo. Brodniak volunteered at the brewery prior to joining Pyramid Brewing. He would later return to share techniques he had learned at the larger regional brewery over a pint or two. It’s rumored he’d have peanut-tossing battles with Sollenberger during those early days at Cheers Too, although no stories have been confirmed.

Before joining the team at Diamond Knot, Aaron worked as a consultant for craft breweries to develop business plans, brewery operations, product development, human resource development plans, and standard operating procedures. He is also an instructor on business plans for Oregon State University’s Professional and Continuing Education program (Craft Brewery Startup Workshop’s I and II). He attended the Siebel Short Course on Brewing, earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management from Portland State University and a Masters in Management from American Public University.

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing celebrates its 20th anniversary in October. Founded on the Mukilteo waterfront in 1994, Diamond Knot now enjoys operating two successful brewpubs, the flagship Brewery & Alehouse in Mukilteo and the new Brewpub @ MLT in Mountlake Terrace, as well as its Production Brewery & Taproom up the hill from the Alehouse. For information, visit diamondknot.com.

Festival Preview: WA: Spokane: 9/26 & 9/27 What you need to know about the "Inland NW Craft Beer Festival"

Press Release

The Inland NW Craft Beer Festival will feature an exciting new venue in Spokane for this 5th annual tasting event on Friday, September 26 and Saturday, September 27. Thirty five craft breweries from Washington will be pouring more than ninety beers, in the outfield of Avista Stadium, home of the Spokane Indians minor league baseball club.

The festival runs from 4-8pm on Friday, the 26th and continues from Noon–8pm on Saturday, the 27th.

In addition to the many beer options there will be live music and great food from Long Horn BBQ, Veraci Pizza, and Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese, over the course of the two day event.
Tickets are just $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Admission includes a commemorative tasting glass and six, 5 oz. sample tastes. Tickets are on sale now at www.washingtonbeer.com and at the following ticket outlets:

2204 East Mallon
Spokane, WA 99202

1003 E Trent Ave
Spokane, WA 99202

10111 N. Newport Hwy
Spokane, WA 99218

11616 E. Montgomery Drive
Ste 26
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Here is a full list of the mouth-watering Washington craft beers that will be pouring at the Inland NW Craft Beer Festival:

2014 Inland NW Craft Beer Festival Beer List

Alpine Brewing

1) Alpine Oktoberfest
Amber colored and full flavored. Rich malty aroma is balanced with a generous amount of hops. The conditioning time of 10 weeks guarantees the exceptional balance, smoothness and full body.
2) Alpine Hefeweizen
The golden color and light haze indicates a full-bodied beer with a velvety smooth taste. This delicate flavor is in harmony with the fruity, estery, banana-clove flavor. Imported aroma hops provide a delicate, subdued balance to the natural sweetness of the malts.
3) Alpine Bohemian Pilsner
A very slight maltiness is balanced with a generous dose of noble hops, which gives this beer a wonderfully balanced hoppy aroma.

Bale Breaker Brewing

1) Field 41 Pale Ale
Heavily dry-hopped with Simcoe® and Ahtanum™, this perfectly sessionable Pale Ale drinks easy with a smooth bitterness and is named for the hop field that is our home. 4.5% ABV/ 38 IBU
2) Kiln Series #002 IIPA
Loaded with over four pounds of hops per barrel, this go-around is slightly lighter in color with an even drier finish - a perfect platform to showcase the combination of Mosaic™, Simcoe®, Equinox™, and Citra®. 8.1% ABV/ 99 IBU
3) Hoodoojuju Pumpkin Spice Beer
Dark and roasted with a dry finish, the blend of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and ginger spices give this beer its classic autumn flavor. 7.0% ABV/ 25 IBU

Big Barn Brewing

1) Miss Maggie’s Lavender IPA
American Farm IPA. Spectacular fusion of Middachten culinary lavender (Fleur de Provence) & Amarillo hops. 6.1% ABV/ 82 IBU
2) Blackberry Porter
Our farm fresh blackberries make their appearance via the addition of our homemade blackberry syrup, just at the end of the boil. A subtle hint of blackberry on the nose is followed by the wonderful mesh of flavor found in the best of craft porters.  5.7% ABV/ 37 IBU
3) Golden Pumpkin Ale
A beer that proclaims fall. Big Barn Golden Pumpkin Ale has a perfect pairing of NW 2-row barley, caramelized farm fresh pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger and clove as well as real vanilla. 6.6% ABV/ 20 IBU
4) Mead Honey Lager
Farm fresh local honey lingers on your tongue in this refreshing, and well-balanced lager. Our honey lager is a clean, crisp, which sparkles and effervesces so as to belie the fact that it too, is a naturally unfiltered Big Barn Brew. Washington 2-row barley mashes with crystal malts and blends nicely with cascade hop. 4.6% ABV/ 22 IBU

Boundary Bay Brewery

1) IPA
A honey-amber colored IPA with good body, fairly strong alcohol content and an aggressive "fresh hop" quality. 7% ABV
2) Oktoberfest
German Tettnanger hops. The heady-peppery-spice, perfumey-floral, and complex malt aromas beg for your taste buds. 5% ABV/ 22 IBU
3) Scotch Ale
Roasted, unmated barely provides the distinctive flavor of our Scotch Ale. A thick creamy head and beautiful red hue are two of the trademark results of its brewing process. Hopped just long enough to achieve the balance with the malt, the end project is incredibly smooth with a finish that lingers.

Brickyard Brewing

1) Brickyard India Pale Ale
Aroma – Citrus, Pineapple, Lite Rose Floral Note.
Flavor – Citrus, Slightly Resiny, Mid‐high Hop Bitterness with Dry Finish. Appearance – Deep Golden Amber with a persistent white head and tight lacing around the edges. 7.4% ABV/ 74 IBU
Cascade Fresh Hop IPA
7.2% ABV/ 48 IBU

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing

1) Rye Knot?
This deliciously hoppy pale ale has just enough Rye malt to let you know it’s there. Cascade, Amarillo and Chinook hops around out the bitterness component. 7.1% ABV/ 50 IBU
2) Industrial IPA
This one is a butt-kicker. Essentially, the same recipe as the IPA, but with approximately 25% more grain and twice the hops! 7.9% ABV/ 80 IBU
3) Fog Bank Fall Ale
Reddish amber in color, this ale has a bright, crisp flavor with a complex malty body. Domes- tic Hallertauer hops lend a slightly spicy, herbal finish. Get it while you can, it’s only around for a short time! 5.8% ABV/ 25 IBU
4) Wet Hop Pale Ale
We’ve added 50Ibs of straight-off-the-vine full cone Simcoe hops to this one! Intensely aromatic with a bright citrusy nose. Piney with a deep resinous finish. We only do this beer once a year! 6.0 % ABV/ 33’ish IBU

Elysian Brewing
1) Night Owl Pumpkin Ale
Our Original pumpkin ale Night Owl is brewed with over 7 lbs. of pumpkin per barrel and includes seven different malt varieties, green and roasted pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin in the mash, boil and fermenter. Bittered with Magnum hops and spiced in conditioning with nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger and allspice. 5.9% ABV
2) Avatar Jasmine IPA - A new incarnation of IPA
Brewed with Pale, 45° Crystal, Munich and Cara-hell malts. Bittered with German Northern Brewer and finished with Glacier and Amarillo hops. Dried jasmine flowers added in the boil and hopback. Starting gravity 15.6° Plato (1.064), alcohol 5.2% by weight, 6.3% ABV
3) Space Dust IPA - A totally Nebular IPA
Great Western premium two-row, combined with c-15 and Dextri-Pils, give this beer a bright and galactic Milky Way hue. The hopping is pure starglow energy, with Chinook to bitter and late and dry additions of Citra and Amarillo. Space Dust is out of this world, with  an OG of 16.8° and 7.2% ABV/ 62 IBU

English Setter Brewing

Spokane Valley
1) Wiggly Butt IPA
A "non-dry hopped" IPA that is made using 5 different hops. By not dry hopping, we allow the full flavor of the hops to be explored while still getting a nice bitter bite.
2) Chukar Nose Amber
Malt forward Amber that has a nice spice finish for the fall season.

Fish Brewing

1) Fish Vicious Circle
Well balanced and full flavored, Vicious Circle Amber ale has a rich, malty body with a pleasant caramel character. A complex hop aroma, with hints of floral and citrus, adds excellent balance. 5% ABV AVB
2) Leavenworth Premium Lager
It is perfectly balanced with a full-bodied flavor, yet still goes down smoother than most domestic or imported beers. A real, premium lager, this brew shows the distinct influence of malt and hops but with a slightly softer side. Combining traditional Bavarian pilsner flavors with the bolder Northwest craft beer profile. 5% AVB

Fremont Brewing

1) Interurban IPA
Roasted pale malt swirled with a hand-selected blend of flavor malts and filled with the rich spice of Chinook, Centennial, and Amarillo hops. 6.2% ABV/ 80 IBU
2) Bonfire Ale
Dark barley and gentle hops to provide you, beer drinker, with this delightful winter treat. Light a Bonfire today. 6.0%/ 40 IBU
3) Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star with Pumpkin
Imperial Oatmeal Stout aged in 15 year old single use Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. The roasted and chocolate malts complement the smooth oats to bring you a stout delight with Bourbon Barrel aged warmth and topped off with a healthy dose of traditional pumpkin spices and a little dash of Love. 11.0% ABV/ 50 IBU
4) Cowiche Canyon Fresh Hop Ale
Cowiche Canyon Fresh Hop Ale is brewed from select organic hops grown in the Cowiche Canyon of the Yakima Valley, which are harvested and placed into our kettle within 24 hours, creating a unique, once-a-year beer. 6.0% ABV/ 50-60 IBU
4pm Friday & 12pm Saturday:
The Brother: Brewed with twice as much barley and 5 pounds of hops per barrel, the Brother will sit on your palate and beat you down. And you’ll like it. 8.5% ABV/ 1 Billion IBU
6pm Friday & 3pm Saturday
Oak Aged Dark Star with Hazelnut and Smoked Peppercorn: Aged on new American white oak, hazelnut, and smoked black peppercorns as an homage to chiaroscuro, the treatment of light and dark in painting as the hazelnut and oat lightness balance out the dark pepper/roast, chocolate malts. 8.0% ABV, 50 IBU

Georgetown Brewing

1) Manny's Pale Ale
A careful selection of Northwest hops, premium barley, and our unique yeast give this ale a rich and complex malty middle with a snappy hop finish. Crisp, clean and smooth with hints of citrus and fruit.
2) Eddie IPL
Originally brewed as a last minute add to the brew schedule when some fresh Mosaic hops fell in our laps, we decided to give it another go, but without the fresh hops this time. Brewing the beer as a lager gives the beer a crisp character, brightening the passion fruit and stone fruit aromas from the Mosaic hops, but still delivering the citrus flavors and upfront bitterness of an IPA.
3) Georgetown Porter
Brewed for our friends at the 9 Pound Hammer here in Georgetown, this is an exceptionally flavorful medium bodied porter. We use tons of Chocolate, Munich, and Roasted Malt, then blend it with Centennial and Northern Brewer hops to create what we like to call Roasted Chocolaty Goodness. Mmm.. porter.

Harmon Brewing

1) Brewer’s Choice
2) Brewer’s Choice

Hopped Up Brewing

Spokane Valley
1) Cloud Sweeper ESB
A nice fall ESB brewed with ESB malt, Belma bittering hops and Hallurtau hops in the finish. 6.1% ABV/ 61 IBU
2) Quality Lemon Cream Ale
Washington Beer Awards silver medal winner 2014. Light and crisp with a nice hint of refreshing lemon. 5.1% ABV/ 13.2 IBU
3) Mad Hopper IPA
Hoppy with nice malt flavor brewed with red wheat and honey malt to balance the hoppy flavor of 7c's hops. 7.7% ABV/ 85 IBU
4) High Performance Porter
Robust style, brewed with dark munich and chocolate malts. 6% ABV/ 32 IBU

Icicle Brewing

1) Bootjack IPA
Starting with the pristine waters of Icicle Creek, we add the intense flavors and aromas of our locally grown Yakima hops, pairing the citrusy floral hop notes with a sweet-malty undertone. 6.5% ABV/ 64 IBU
2) Dirtyface Oktoberfest
We’ve created an Amber Lager that features a smooth, medium body, with a rich toasted malt aroma. Dirtyface’s initial malty sweetness finishes fresh and clean. 5.0% ABV/ 21 IBU
3) Crosscut Pilsner
We’ve brewed up a bit of our local logging history and crafted a medium-light bodied Pilsner-Style Lager that offers up a hint of our home. From a clean malty profile to a moderate Noble-hop flavor and aroma, our Lager combines local ingredients and local inspiration, which results in a beer that's a cut above the rest. 5.0% ABV/ 28 IBU

Iron Goat Brewing

1) Goatnik barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout
A deep, dark, hoppy barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout with a perfect amount of vanilla and whiskey flavors from the barrels.
12% ABV/ 72 IBU
2) Punkid barrel aged Pumpkin Ale
Dark Pumpkin Ale aged in Dry Fly Triticale Barrels Punkid and spiced with just enough pumpkin flavor to complement this ale. 7.1% ABV
3) Headbutt IPA aged in Dry Fly Gin Barrels
9% ABV/72 IBU
4)Cap’n Kidd Barrel Aged Scotch
This Wee Heavy is coppery brown, rich and malty with a hint of sweetness from the caramelization process and herbal tones from a heather addition. 8.3% ABV/ 37 IBU
5) Spohop Freshhop IPA
Community Fresh Hop Beer. 5.2% ABV
6) Simcoe Single Fresh Hop
5.2% ABV
7)Head Butt IPA
Head Butt is a NW style IPA with Lemon Lime aroma and a noticeable kick. 6.7% ABV/ 90 IBU
8)Goatmeal Oatmeal Stout
Stout with hints of chocolate, coffee and a dry finish. 6.7% ABV
9)Impaler Imperial IPA
Well balanced Imperial IPA. The hops delivers aromas of passion fruit and a refreshing citrus flavor. 8.5% ABV/72 IBU

Iron Horse Brewery

1) High Five Hefe
Honey. Ginger. Wheat. Ginger and honey bring to life the tired old American wheat style in our High Five Hefe. The refreshing wheat beer flavor joins with citrusy and spicy ginger and gets floral from the honey. 6.0% ABV
2) Gary Imperial IPA
We’re celebrating Iron Horse Brewery’s 10th year in business by paying tribute to the breweries Patriarch and not-so-silent partner. Version 8 of the anniversary ale most closely resembles an Imperial IPA. Hopped with Simcoe, Chinook, and Centennial this is a big beer with great aroma and bold flavor. It literally has 5 tons of hops in it so its bitterness is present, but amazingly, doesn’t linger. 8% ABV

Laht Neppur Brewing

1) Piper Canyon Scotch Ale
Malt sweetness with a very low hop profile. This non-peat-ed dark Amber Ale boasts 8.3% ABV/ 20 IBU.
2) Neddy's Brown Nut
Easy drinking Nut Brown. 5.3% ABV/ 23 IBU
3) Peach Pie Heffy
American style Hefeweizen with peaches and honey topped off with just a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. 5.4% ABV/ 20 IBU
4) Saint Dorothy
We've been aging this one for over a year. A high octane American
Amber made with peaches, apricots, honey, and sweet orange peel.
8.8% ABV/ 20 IBU

No-Li Brewhouse

1) Krumpkin
Cranberry Pumpkin Ale. 7.1% ABV
2) Blackfill
Triticale Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. 9.5% ABV
3) Caliente Randall-Hopped Empire No. 8 Session IPA
5.5% ABV
4) 8-Month Whiskey Barrel Aged Jet Star Imperial IPA
8.1% ABV
5) Greenbluff Sour Cherry-10% ABV

Northern Ales

Kettle Falls
1) Whipper Snapper Oktoberfest
The Whipper Snapper is our take on a German Oktoberfest Beer.  It is light straw color, well balanced and brewed with German and Northwest hops. 5.5% ABV
2) Slow Float Wheat Beer
A clear wheat beer with pronounced citrus character. It is medium straw color and normally served with a grapefruit wedge. 5.5% ABV
3) Honey Basil Braggot
Brewed with a full gallon of honey fermented with each barrel of beer it has a very smooth finish topped off with a nose of fresh basil from fermenter steeping. 13% ABV

Northwest Brewing

1) Hoppy Bitch IPA
This Northwest IPA is bold and balanced, with a rich malty flavor and strong hop presence. We use premium 2-Row, Crystal, Munich and Victory malts to create the perfect base for showcasing Yakima-grown Columbus hops. 6.3% ABV/ 65 IBU
2) MangoWeizen
Mango-Weizen is an unfiltered Wheat beer that has components of both American and Bavarian styles. Fresh Mango puree is added during cold conditioning, which creates a subtle flavor in the background and keeps this beer from not being too sweet. Pairs well with BBQ. 5.3% ABV/ 15 IBU

Old Schoolhouse Brewery

1) Uncle Big's Brown Ale
A medium-to dark-brown ale with hints of chocolate and caramel with slight biscuit malt flavors. Mildly hopped and very smooth.
6% ABV/ 30 IBU
2) Imperial IPA
Big and Balanced Northwest Double/Imperial IPA. Mild Caramel malt character combines with strong floral and citrusy hop finish. Enjoy in moderation! 9.5% ABV/ 90 IBU
3) Renegade IPA
A well balanced Northwest IPA that combines light caramel flavors and stone fruit with a BIG HOP aroma. 7.5% ABV/ 70 IBU

Orlison Brewing

Airways Heights
1) RyePL
This RyePL has a pleasant bready rye character along with a unique blend of 9 different hops that are added in three stages, much like a dry hop process. The lager is full of interest but still crisp and approachable. 7% ABV/ 70 IBU
2) Ünderground Pumpkin Stout
We've taken our popular American style stout and spiced it up with a hint of pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices for this Fall offering. With a full mouth feel and a hoppy finish this stout is surely to become a favorite among stout lovers. 6.2% ABV/ 43 IBU
3) Clem's
This flavorful lager is brewed with 2-row barley and noble hops, an unbeatable combination for creating a bold, crisp flavor. 5.3% ABV/ 29 IBU
4) Brünette
Our European style brown lager is a mix of robust malt character from a British Brown and the easy finish of a German Lager. With an airy, silky mouth feel and hints of cocoa and coffee, Brünette is sure to become your new favorite brown. 4.2% ABV/ 23 IBU

Paradise Creek Brewery

1) Pumpkin Porter
We take our dark roasty Postal Porter and dress it up with the perfect amount of pumpkin and pumpkin spice to make a wonderful fall beverage. 5.9% ABV
2) Alpha Madness
160 lbs of fresh Simcoe hops augmented with another 40 lbs in our 14 barrel batch define this amazing IPA. Aromatically and flavor-wise this beer is all about the hops. 6.8% ABV/ 65++IBU
3) Huckleberry Pucker
Sweet Huckleberry aroma precedes the clean crisp tart flavor of our Sour Mash Berliner Weisse. Although the aroma is sweet, this beer is made for those who love a good tart sour and the residual sugar is all but gone. 5.5% ABV/ 4 IBU
4) Pokerface Blonde
Our all time most popular beer. This blonde has some dark roots so is really much more like an Amber in style with a good malty backbone and a nice subtle but noticeable hop presence. 6.5% ABV/ 22 IBU

Perry Street Brewing

1) Scotch Ale
Deep amber in color with biscuit, graham cracker, & roasted notes. This beer is clean and malty, and reveals just a touch of our house-smoked roasted malt. Warm and drinkable. 6.6% ABV/ 25 IBU
2) Imperial Saison
This is a HUGE, Belgian farmhouse ale produced with the DuPont yeast strain. German and Franco-Belges malts provide balance to the natural esters produced during fermentation. We let this yeast run wild and although it is unspiced, the esters bring notes of clove, coriander and bitter orange peel. 9.7% ABV/ 45 IBU

Ramblin' Road

1) Barrel-Aged Sour Cherry Saison
Funky tart Belgian farmhouse ale aged Solera-style in Barrister Winery Cab-Franc barrels on Green Bluff cherries. 7% ABV/ 15 IBU
2) Bourbon Quad
Belgian dark ale with rich espresso, chocolate, and fig notes poured through a Randall of Bourbon-soaked French oak. 9.5% ABV/ 15 IBU
3) 3 Citra IPA
Dear Hop Heads: You’re welcome. Juicy West-Coast IPA brewed with loads of Simcoe, Cascade, and Centennial hops poured through a Randall of whole-leaf Citra hops. 6.7% ABV/ 87 IBU
4. Lavender Tripel
Smooth Belgian golden ale brewed with Green Bluff lavender. Limited Release Fall Seasonal! 9% ABV/ 12 IBU

Republic Brewing

1) Golden Lilly
Authentic malty flavour, reminiscent of marshmallow and caramel candies with hints of vanilla and spice, balanced by flowery hops. Tea-like tannins and a subtle mineral water essence in the mouthfeel. Pleasant and surprisingly strong with a clean bittersweet aftertaste.
2) Falling Bockwards
A rich, strong ruby-red bock that has been aging in our cellar for over a year. A sweet and malty sipping lager that encourages you to slow down and enjoy the moment. Only one keg available. 7.6% ABV

River City Brewing

1) Cabernet-Franc Barrel-Aged Huckleberry Ale
What do you get when you put Huckleberry Ale in a Cabernet-Franc barrel from Barrister Winery? Something delicious. Come try this tarter, heavier Huckleberry Ale that finishes with a saison-reminiscent dryness. 5% ABV
2) Bourbon Barrel-Aged Vanilla Stout
This beer is the result of aging our True Stout (a traditional style stout) in bourbon barrels from Seattle’s Oola Distillery for six full months. The result is a solid, slightly heavy stout with smooth vanilla and chocolate tones that are supported by warming bourbon caramel sweetness, followed by a firm, roasty finish. 5.5% ABV
3) River City Red
We make this amber beer from five different malted, two-row barley grains, for just the right caramel red color, and two different regional hop varieties, Nugget Hops for flavor and Liberty Hops for aroma. The beer is well balanced between the sweetness of the malted barley and the wonderful tang of the hops. 5.6% ABV
4) Easy Green Fresh Hop Pale
Made in collaboration with Waddell’s Brewpub, we made with fresh hop ale within 24 hours of picking up the hops in the Yakima Valley, which we did less than 24 hours after they were harvested. Fresh hop ales only happen once a year in celebration of the hop harvest, which is something every beer lover can support. 6.5% ABV

Riverport Brewing

1) Bullseye P.A.
This Dry hopped IPA hits the mark for the hophead. A complex blend of Pacific Northwest hops are used to give this crowd pleaser citrus and pineapple notes. Eight hop additions of various varieties provide a nice fresh flavor with a pleasant nose. 5.8% ABV/ 87 IBU
2) Bedrock Bock
Brewed in the old world style of a traditional German Bock. The malty backbone in this beer is offset perfectly by the noble tettnang hops. As with the Bavarian inspiration, this beer packs a punch to match its flavor. 8% ABV/ 23 IBU
3) 5/5 Pepper Beer
A nice pale ale provides the platform to showcase the Jalapeno and Serrano peppers used in this spicy Cinco de Mayo brew. Aromas and flavors abound, without the extreme heat. 6% ABV/ 30 IBU

Schooner EXACT Brewing

1) 3 Grid IPA
A northwest style IPA uses a blend of hops from Yakima to give it a big, juicy, tropical citrus flavor. The light caramel and soft bready malts balance but don't interfere with the big hop character. It finishes dry leaving you ready for more. 6.7% ABV
2) Schooner EXACT - Fresh Hop
A very well balanced IPA with 100% fresh Amarillo hops. This IPA is a classic style NW IPA. 6.2% ABV

Steam Plant Brewing

1) Pumpkin Ale
2) C-Hops Victory Ale
3) Oktoberfest
4) Cascadian Dark Ale

Top Frog Brewery

Table #32             1) Pilsner
2) Red Ale
Full body crisp red ale
3) Rye IPA
Rye flavor, soft hop bitterness. Intense aroma.
4) IPA
Hop forward. Intense dry hop with centennial. Citra & Simcoe hops.

Twelve Bars Brews

1) Wicked Riff IPA
A balanced dry IPA with slightly toasted malt and several finishing hops adding citrus, spicy, and floral notes. 6.9% ABV/ 80 IBU
2) Turnaround NW Red
A flavorful ruby red ale with a complex aroma from four dry hops, including Chinook to add notes of pine.

Twelve String Brewing

Spokane Valley
1) Mango Mambo
Mango Hefeweizen. 4.3% ABV/ 17 IBU
2) Palouse Hoppin' ISA
India Session Ale. 4.6% ABV/ 62 IBU
Hefeweizen IPA. 6.2% ABV/ 67 IBU
4) Jam Session IPA
NW Style IPA. 6.6% ABV/ 74 IBU
5) Roundabout Confusion
Harvest Ale. 7.5% ABV/ 51 IBU
6) Electric Slide Imperial IPA
Imperial IPA. 8.3% ABV/ 110 IBU
7) Tequila Barrel Aged Imperial Mango Mambo Hefeweizen
8.3% ABV/ 110 IBU
8) Dry Fly Whiskey Barrel Aged Electric Slide Imperial IPA
8.3% ABV/ 110 IBU
9) Double Barrel Whiskey and Wine Barrel Don't Fret Porter Sour 5.5% ABV/ 49 IBU
10) Tequila Barrel Aged Drop D Stout
6.0% ABV/ 49 IBU

Two Beers Brewing

1) Evo IPA
Evo is a showcase Northwest IPA, hopped with Yakima Valley Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial, then aggressively dry-hopped with Simcoe and Columbus. 6.2% ABV/ 70 IBU
2) Pilchuck Pilsner
A Czech-style pilsner, hopped with Saaz and Perle hops. Slightly sweet aroma and mild hop spiciness. 5.0% ABV/ 38 IBU
3) Pumpkin Spice Ale
Bright, clean and spicy, this gold-medal winning small-batch fall seasonal presents clove, cinnamon, allspice, ginger and natural pumpkin in a festive and refreshing ale. 5.2% ABV/ 19 IBU

Waddell's Brewing

1) Oktoberfest Marzen
The style is characterized by a medium to full body, a delicious malty flavour, and a clean dry finish.
2) Smokey the Beer Porter
A nice light smokiness on the nose. Followed by toasted coconut and marshmallow. Velvety smooth mouth feel. Black in color with dark smoky and roasted malty flavors. 5.8% ABV/ 50 IBU
3) Shattered Glass Imperial IPA
A rich amber color with medium malty backbone. Strong complex hop flavors with aroma of fruity, citrus, spicy, earthy, minty notes from 5 additions of Columbus, Galena, Nugget, Northern Brewer, and Mt. Hood. Dry hopped. 9.7% ABV/ 80 IBU
4) Connie Mack's Reserve
Waddell's Secret Weapon!

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